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"LIBERATION DAY" is a short feature film by Martin Blankemeyer, with which he completes his double-diploma studies in the only integrated program of the German-French University in the media sector. He hereby acquires a German Masters degree in Media Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden and a French engineering degree in Directing from the University of Toulouse "Le Mirail" Film School.

"LIBERATION DAY" is about three residents of a retirement home. Former orchestra conductor Kirchhoff illegally keeps a little dog, which is why he is being emotionally terrorized by his neighbor Mr. Foerster. Nobody seems to notice, until one day, Mr. Bender intervenes...

"LIBERATION DAY" was produced by the non-profit production company Munich Film Society (Münchner Filmwerkstatt) in co-production with FGV Schmidle and with the support of the Hessian Film Commission. It was shot on six days in February 2003 at the Psychiatric Hospital of Haar near Munich. It has been completed as a 15-minute film in 35mm with Dolby-SR-sound and premiered on july 9th, 2004 in Munich.

For "LIBERATION DAY", Martin Blankemeyer worked with experienced professionals in all main crew and cast positions: the script was written by Martin Oestreicher, an alumnae of the well-known Munich Scriptwriting Workshop; DoP was Luy Briechle, formerly of Bavarian Television; editing was done by Inge Kuhnert and the score was composed by Oliver Gunia. The main actors are Dieter Schaad, Horst Richter and Joseph Saxinger, supported by former pornstar Michaela Schaffrath ("Gina Wild").

If you would like to receive the English subtitled version or are interested in publishing rights for international distribution, please contact info@muenchner-filmwerkstatt.de.